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..About our services..

        At undercover we strive to bring you the finest restorations and restomods possible. Our specailty is frame off restorations and custom restomods for any model year Corvette but in recent years we have branched out to restorations and full custom restomods on all classic cars and trucks. Contact us today to talk about getting your project started..


All of our restomods utilize modern brakes and suspension, like adjustable coilovers ,to the "monoleaf" used on some of our corvette based builds. This gives you a car that rides, handles and stops like a modern car with the all looks of your classic beauty.!!


Our power plants usually consist of a modern engine like(but not limited to)the LS series chevrolet engine with modern electronics and wiring with OBDII capabillities and all your modern creature comforts like a/c heat ,power steering..


And our interiors can be anything from restored to a perfect factory look, to a completely custom interior grafted from a modern "donor" car (like our coupe deV) and anything in between...


Contact us today to talk about getting your car started..


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